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Caccherano Mario's is an artisan reality born in 1969 for the will of its founder who gives the name to the company. The sector in which it was born is that of the precision mechanical workshop linked to the production of metal parts used in various fields. The first machines used are automatic strohm type lathes and merlons / casers equipped with automatic bar loaders and equipped with devices that allow to obtain shooting operations directly in the first production phase. At the beginning of the activity the sectors supplied are mainly: production of components for household appliances, in particular irons for primary Italian companies; brass details that are inserted in the gas cookers (nozzles); stems per mole of the dental and hobby sector; nuts inserted in the wheels used in the adjustments.

Prima Sede Torneria D.B. Caccherano

In 1978 the company became a joint venture and in a growth phase the machines are integrated by others that allow a real leap in the category turning it into an automatic turnery that creates a diversification in the actual production, that is from a production linked to monomandrini that of multi-mandarins, everything affects three fundamental fields: the type of manufactured product increases; the finishing quality of the piece is greater; the quantity of pieces that can be produced per hour varies exponentially. Therefore, the market is open for direct supply to the automotive sector, such as that of industrial vehicles or motor vehicles whose quantities are in the order of tens of thousands per month (pivot, pernisfera, spacers, bushings, inserts, etc.). With the company enhancement in which multi-spindle lathes with bar loaders have been included, making them highly automated, the company begins to supply primary contracting companies according to just-in-time procurement requirements. Furniture manufacturers make use of our supply by commissioning metal details to be used in their creations. The company is therefore able to collaborate in other types of sectors such as: the cold industry, mold makers or plastic molding companies, ie every field in which a particular turned in the dimensions possible from our machines can be used individually as a component. To confirm the company orientation aimed at continuous updating, since 1999 the company quality system certification has been achieved with reference to the ISO 9001 - 2000 standards (UKAS certificate it 05-046) which represents both an important result achieved and a valid starting point for the improvement of competitiveness on the national market and the possible development towards international markets.

Sede attuale Torneria D.B. Caccherano

By act of 10/14/2005 Caccherano Mario sas, to reinforce the professional level and technical skills, becomes D.B. CACCHERANO srl inserting Mr. Di Nunno Antonio into the property, already part of the company organization chart as the quality manager and Mr. Bisignano Massimo, technical manager at another company of the same sector. From 1 September 2014, the operating office has been moved to Poirino, Via Alta 28, in the new warehouse with larger dimensions so as to improve the workability of the staff and the quality of the products with the inclusion of new machinery in the fleet already operating. The supply of details also includes the possible need for surface treatments such as galvanizing, nickel-plating and cadmium-coating carried out by leaning on external companies that are in turn certified according to our standard. The commitment is also constantly aimed at the technological renewal of the plants and is aimed at the continuous improvement of the quality of the products and services provided. The machinery used is capable of obtaining centesimal shares and where necessary adjustments are made outside the company. Design is not carried out, therefore, the details are returned exclusively to the customer's design.


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Administration Manager

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Quality Manager

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The continuous technological evolution to which we submit our company, allows us to work metallic materials and not for different sectors of application...



It is the fundamental element that characterizes our years of experience in the sector and is in line with the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015...



Our machinery is our past, present and future history, being constantly evolving
to satisfy our customers...